Selected Compositions

Monograph (2021)

Monograph at Roulette, March 2021. Excerpt, complete duration 58 minutes

Monograph is a work for voices and electronics. Incorporating material ranging from Icelandic sagas to New Orleans blues, 1960s science experiments, and 19th-century French newspaper filler, Monograph is a reflection through a shattered mirror of arbitrary outcomes and quotidian misfortune. It can be found in full here , beginning at about 4:30.

MO: Composition and live performance.

Remote performers: Chris Cochrane, Freyr Gudmunsson, Kjartan Gudmunsson, Liz Hollander, David Linton, Julius Sumner Miller, Högna Thorkelsdottir, and Christina Wheeler.

Texts: The Saga of Burnt Njal, Kosmos (Witold Gombrowicz), Novels in Three Lines (Félix Feneon)

Negative Differential Resistance Nº 4 (2017)

Live composition for four amplified fluorescent lamps. Recorded at Roulette, 2017.
Total duration 35′

The Grand Abacus (2016)

8-channel fixed-media work, commissioned by CT::SWaM. Premiered at Fridman Gallery, New York. Part 1 of 3. Total duration 30′

No More My Lord (2016)

Live composition based on an anonymous prison work song of the same name, recorded by Alan Lomax in 1946.

3 (Out of 4) Possible States of Matter (2011)

4-channel live composition for amplified and processed teapot.
The pot is filled with a block of ice, and is slowly heated until it boils.
Total duration 22′

Patterns of Changing Light (2009)

Four-channel fixed media composition, mostly using concatenative synthesis techniques. Total duration 35′