Ostrowski develops software for interactive audio, video, and robotic installations, extended musical instruments, tools for media artists, and multichannel show control systems. He has worked since 2003 at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts as an engineer for their artists-in-residence, and takes private clients as well. Technologies used in these work have included:

  • Custom audio processing algorithms
  • Sensor-based performance instruments
  • Machine learning for gestural control
  • Multichannel video projections
  • Sound spatialization and diffusion
  • Live VJ and video processing instruments
  • Interactive LED control systems
  • Computer vision, motion and face tracking
  • Production music systems for radio
  • Custom iPad interfaces

Clients have included:

Laurie Anderson
David Brody
Christopher Caczmarek
Ivan Depeña
Toni Dove
Angie Eng
Foster Kent (Salzburg)
Diamanda Galás
George Griffin
Peter Hendrick
Shelley Hirsch
G. H. Hovagymian
Klangbau (Zürich)
Marc Lafia
Long Island Children’s Museum
Nobuhu Nagasawa
Ben Neill
Andrew Neumann
Daniel Neumann
Andrea Parkins
Zeena Parkins
Martha Rosler
Efrain Rozas
David Simons
Hugh Scott-Douglas
Deanna Sirlin
Jill Taffett
Alba Triana
Beth Warshafsky
Monika Weiss