Negative Differential Resistance (2013-2017)

This installation for computer-controlled and amplified fluorescent lights was premiered at the {TEMP} artspace in New York City in July of 2013. Structured around generative sets of numerically encoded gestures and scenes, Negative Differential Resistance is a study in temporal relationships of stability and instability, both visual and sonic. Deriving from the idea of the binary — a lamp is either on or off — and using a minimalist palette of white light and 60-cycle hum, this work creates an optical and aural theater whose ultimate topic of investigation is our own awareness: as patternmaker, cognitive agent, and embodiment of time.

This work exists in four versions: Nº 1. as an 8-light installation; Nº 2 as a live performance for two lamps; Nº 3 as a self-standing sculptural work for three lamps; and Nº 4 as a live performance for four lamps (video on the Compositions page.)