Monograph at Roulette

I’m a bit behind schedule on this, but I did a performance at Roulette in March featuring a new work, Monograph, designed for the small screen, because, well, that’s what performances still are these days. It’s archived online at Roulette, and you can find it here:

The Lockdown

I haven’t really kept up over here — not that I ever do — but I will mention that I’m involved in Experiment Zoom, a weekly livestreamed improvisation with Miguel Frasconi and a rotating array of guests. For further information, look me up on Facebook, where invitations are posted regularly.

CD Release Party at Synesthesia Gallery, December 20

Andrea Parkins and I will be performing to celebrate the release of our duo CD, Elective Affinities, just out on Infrequent Seams. We will be joined by Brian Chase and Matteo Liberatore, who will perform a duo set, and the four of us will join forces in a quartet to finish.

Synaesthesia is located at 47 Thames St. in Brooklyn. Doors at 7:30, show at 8:00. More information at:

Summerland at Errant Sound, Berlin

January 2-15, 2020, I’ll be exhibiting Summerland at Errant Sound, at Rungstr. 20 in Berlin, for it’s final European showing. Opening on the evening of the second — more details as they become available.

Summerland at Expo ’74

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be showing my new installation Summerland, for 24 telegraph sounders, at Expo ’74, cycling ’74’s conference for Max/MSP/Jitter programmers and fans. Details are still a bit vague, but I will probably be doing a talk, participating in a panel, and those kind of conference-y things. I’ve attended them in the past, and if you’re a Max programmer, it’s a great experience — much to learn, and great to meet the community!