Spectral City -- in memoriam Jane Jacobs

2-channel sound installation (yokohama, 2008)

Duration: Indeterminate

Design & Coding: MO


  • ZKM virtual residency, Völkingen, 2007
  • dis_locate, Yokohama, 2008
  • Global Composition festival, Dieburg, 2011

    Every city has a chord resonating through it, below our range of hearing. This chord is the combination of the city's acoustic signature and the events that take place within it -- cars, people, every activity of life reverberating through architecture and landscape. Sounds, like memories, never completely dissipate, merely growing quieter and quieter, sinking below the noise floor and merging with the hum of the city. Spectral City uses techniques of spectral extraction and accumulation to temporally suspend the most prominent pitches in a space and prolong them before they are lost to us, accumulating and decaying them at a rate much slower than they would in real time. In essence, Spectral City uses techniques of slowing down musical time to explore physical space.