multiscreen video installation (2015)

Design & Coding: MO


  • Made in New York Media Center, 2015

Derived from the 1984 film Koyaanisqatsi, each frame of the film is run through an algorithm which determines the visually dominant color for that frame. In the initial section of the piece, these frames appear as single pixels, which appear from left to right in the same temporal order as the original film, thus in some sense allowing one to see the entire film at a glance. In the second part, all of the pixels are moved to their position in a hue-saturation-value colorspace, transforming the relationship of the pixels from the temporal to the spatial. Borges defines God as the being that can see the entire path you have walked in your life at a glance, and this work is inspired by this: all nature of time, space, and conceptual relationships are now, like God, immediately available.

aaaiiKnoqssty was comissioned for the The Arbitrary art of Numbers show at Made in NY Media Center 2015, designed for a large plasma screen array with an aspect ratio of approximately 5:1.