Negative Differential Resistance

Installation for eight computer-controlled fluorescent lights and audio processing (2013)

Design, Coding & Fabrication: MO
Custom electronics: James Lo


  • {TEMP} Gallery, New York, 2013
  • Sonospheras, Bogota, 2013
  • IDEA Gallery, Colorado Springs, 2014
  • Salisbury College, Salisbury, MD 2015
  • Creative Technology Week, New York, NY, 2016

This work is a room-sized, computer-controlled audiovisual sculpture. An array of eight amplified and electronically processed fluorescent lamps, whose patterns of activity are structured around generative sets of numerically encoded gestures and scenes, Negative Differential Resistance is a study in temporal relationships of stability and instability.

In its visual and auditory exposure of its own workings, light is presented in all its corporality, not as ethereal or transcendent substance, but as the physical result of switches closing and power plants humming, perturbation as much as illumination, the consequence of destruction and the signifier of creation.

Deriving its formal aspects from the idea of the binary -- a lamp is either on or off -- and limited to a minimalist palette of white light and 60-cycle hum, this work creates an optical and aural theater whose ultimate topic of investigation is our own awareness: as pattern-maker, cognitive agent, and embodiment of time.

(NDR No. 3)