Recent Compositions

The Grand Abacus(2016)

8-channel fixed-media work, commissioned by CT::SWaM. Premiered at Fridman Gallery, New York.

Full Duration 39', in three parts below:

No More My Lord (2016)

Live composition based on an anonymous prison work song of the same name, recorded by Alan Lomax in 1946.

Negative Differential Resistance NÂș2 (2015)

Live composition for algorithmically controlled and electronically processed fluorescent lights.

3(out of 4) Possible States of Matter (2011)

4-channel live composition for amplified and processed teapot.
The pot is filled with a block of ice, and is slowly heated until it boils.
(6'40" excerpt of 22' work)

Patterns of Changing Light (2009)

Four-channel fixed media composition, mostly using concatenative synthesis techniques.

(8'07" excerpt of 35' work)